Wild Things & Santa Sings

Goodness me has it really been so long since the last missive?!

So, what’s been crackin’ on in Fisheyeland then…

First up we played a new venue for us back in September – The Wild Wing Café in Alpharetta, which was a most enjoyable night all round and we hope to be back there again in the not too distant future…

Secondly, there’s a new addition to the Coverville collection of our favourite cover songs as U2’s ‘Beautiful Day’ gets the Fisheye faceful full force  - as ever, check out the Music page to download that & other goodies.

Lastly, we’re trotting towards that time of year when the big fella in red cracks the whip over Rudolph & the rest of the crew - We’re all set to commence the alchemy that should hopefully result in this year’s Festive aural treat.  The track has been selected & we’re going to give it a thorough seeing to before unleashing it to the world – keep an eye on the Music page, sign up for email updates and check out our Facebook page…

Remember to pen in St Patrick’s Day back at the Olde Blind Dog!

S’all y’all


The ‘F’ in Fisheye

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