Blue Addendum 

TWO updates in the same month?  Must be Christmas, right?

...And indeed it is!  We're pleased to whip the wrapping off of this year's edition of seasonal aural joy: a very Fisheye Elvis-has-definitely-left-the-building take on 'Blue Christmas', written by Billy Hayes and Jay W. Johnson.  We had a lot of fun putting it together, and Andy's done his usual stellar production job - see the Music page to give it a whirl.

Enjoy - have a Happy New Year - and hope to see y'all on the 15th!


The 'F' in Fisheye

'Tis The Season... 

Wow, funny how time flies...

What news from Fisheye Central?  Well, we've not been idle.  We have a Holiday show on Saturday, December 15th at the Urban Grounds Coffee House in Old Milton, Alpharetta.  We'll be performing songs rom our Xmas Spectacularama canon, going all the way back through the years and as well as this year's as-yet-to-be-revealed goodie.  We'll have several guests sitting in with us to help bring on the holiday spirit. Check out the Calendar page for details.

We're busy working with…

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Dar She Blows 

Holy cow it's that time of year again already - and we're ready to rip the wrapping off of this year's festive offering: a very Fisheye take on Dar Williams' "The Christians and the Pagans", which we think has turned out to be one of the best of the Xmas Spectacularama canon.  By Fisheye standards we were actually ahead of the game in having pretty much picked this as the lucky candidate as far back as last Summer, when it was suggested by Fishwife Jenny.  Major kudos to Andy as usual for stitching all…

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Well, Pluck Me! 

Hello everybody from the epicenter of the musical maelstrom known as Fisheye....

At the beginning of this year we set ourselves a challenge: to increase the number of gigs we played in 2016 by 100% in 2017.  And, by Jove, we've done it - we're playing a show at Smith's Olde Bar in Midtown on Sunday, October 1st.  This time we'll be in somewhat of a hybrid acoustic/electric format.  As ever, see the Calendar page for details.

There's also a new beast in the Fisheye instrument corral - suffice to say that…

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Couldn't Hit a Barn Door With A... 

It seems a bit odd to wish y'all a Happy New Year in February, but as anyone in the band will tell you, our timing is not always what you'd expect...

The big news this time around is that we have a gig - wait, did did you just say 'gig?' - yes, that's a G I G at the Unitarian Universalist Church, Metro Altanta North in Roswell.  We played our last show there a year ago, and have a brand new set of unplugged gems to expose to the wider world.  See the calendar page for details.  

Other major news is that…

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Rocky Mountain Christmas 


Did you think that the Holidays would be upon us without the traditional aural flavouring from the folks in Fisheyeland? Fear ye not!  This year's humble offering is a take on "Please Daddy (Don't Get Drunk This Christmas)", a jaunty little morality earworm from the 70's.  See if you can spot the new weapon in Fisheye's arsenal, deftly plucked by Brian.  We tried to give it our best beer soaked sendoff, and hope you enjoy it as much as we did putting it together - check the Music page to download &amp… Read more

(Almost) Unplugged 

So we're now well into the New Year & we trust that y'all enjoyed our recent festive treat.

The big news this time is that we have a gig (remember those, eh?) coming up at the end of the month at the Common Grounds Coffee House in Roswell, GA.  We'll be showcasing our (almost) unplugged format with a 45 minute set of judicious originals & juicy covers.  See the Calendar page for details.

Other than that, we're mulling new material and looking to add other dates in the Spring.

Hope to see y'all on the…

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Christmas, By George! 


It's time to whisk the wrapper off this year's addition to the Fisheye Christmas Spectacularama cannon: 2015 sees Georg Michael's 'Last Christmas' stripped of its 80's schmaltz and instead drenched in Fisheye sauce... we hope you enjoy it as much as we did putting it together.  Go to the Music page to download & delectate. Other news: we have a show on the horizon towards the end of February, where we'll be exhibiting our return to the acoustic side of things.  Keep an eye on the website for more… Read more

Not Drowning But Waving 

So it's August and time for the first blog entry for 2015...

If Fisheye had a favourite key, right now it would be 'low'.  We played a cool show back in June to celebrate the last of the band to pass the  half-century mark, and have been toying with new material both original & covered.  We've also recently started experimenting with going back to  our acoustic roots with the aim of playing smaller, more intimate venues - more on that in the near future, hopefully! Other than that, not much else in… Read more

Back Blog 

Is it Christmas already?  You betcha.  And in the best Fisheye tradition, we’re able to whip the wrapper off this year’s seasonal contribution to the Xmas Spectacularama canon - a cover of a rather fun little rocker from The Eels, ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Cool This Christmas’.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did putting it together – which was a new experience for us, in that there was no point in the recording process when we were actually all present and correct!

While we’re dusting down 2014, there…

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