Sisyphus, Stacked

By Fisheye standards it’s been pretty low-key for the past few weeks. Though saying that, we’ve started the ball rolling on the next album, which in the past has been six months or so of pushing uphill with the wind against us… The new material is starting to gel & new stuff keeps coming along all the time – this next one will be stacked with goodies by the sound of it, tackling everything from the cradle to the grave with a few detours along the way. We’ve a couple of private parties lined up through Spring, though it’s looking likely that we’ll have another public show to announce fairly soon to add to closing out St. Patrick’s Day at the Olde Blind Dog on March 17th. As ever, check out the Calendar page or sign up for email updates. Oh – and Andy just got a new baby – lovely portrait to be added to the Menagerie page on the Links section very soon, no doubt. S’all y’all for now… The ‘F’ in Fisheye

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