Ring Ma Bell / Jolly Good Fallows

My goodness has it really been over a month since the last update? Things have certainly not been standing still in the eye of the musical hurricane known as Fisheye... First up - check out the "Products" page on the website, as we actually have stuff there now: links to purchase our "Bigger Than Your Head" debut album, and also free downloadable ring tones to ensure that you know its your cell phone that's ringing when you're lost in a crowd. Second up - we return to Kavarna on Saturday, February 28th - a really cool venue in the Oakhurst area of Decatur. We should also have news on other shows early in the New Year very soon. Thirdly, we've already broken ground so to speak on what is traditionally referred to in the crazy world of rock'n'roll as the "tricky" second album. Judging by the track record (pun intended) for Bigger, this will probably be ready for release around Summer next year. Lastly, we're planning another Fisheye Christmas Specatularama release before Santa cracks the reins over Rudolf & the crew - stay tuned for details... The 'F' in Fisheye

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