Firstly, some most excellent news: Fisheye will be around for the foreseeable future, as the Honeycombed One finally secured a way to pay the mortgage without having to leave town to do it. Hurrah! Then we’ve a big ‘first’ of a gig coming up this weekend at the Grant Park Summer Shade festival: we’ll be debuting our electric alter-ego, new mandolin’n’all. I only hope the gig is half as good as recent rehearsals – and that it stays dry, in sharp contrast to last year which was spent cowering under what available cover there was. Come on down & see us as we’ve never been seen & heard before –without an umbrella! As ever, check out the Calendar page for details. We’ve also been pressing ahead with recording for the next album, and things are really looking good – Andy’s gradually morphing into a wigless Phil Spector, sans the models/firearms/jail aspect. There’s some more overdubbing to be done and maybe a couple more tracks to add, then the beast will be just about be there or thereabouts, hopefully to be ready sometime in the Fall. Slight gear update: Doug has a new crash cymbal, which though on the surface may seem a little low-key, the ears of those of us who stand within a six foot radius whilst he’s smacking it are eternally grateful as it’s a reduced volume thingy. Bliss… That’s about it for now – hope to see y’all real soon! The ‘F’ in Fisheye

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