Long, Hot Summer…

Hmmm bit of a lag since the last missive in April… It’s been pretty much steady-as-she-goes in Fisheyeland since then. We had great fun playing a couple of outdoor gigs, firstly at the Atlanta Silverbacks in April, followed by the Virginia Highlands Summerfest in June. Both required plenty of hydration, as it’s been a long, hot summer here in the ATL, and still with some to go… Nothing new Calendar-wise is on the horizon save for a private party in a couple of weeks, though we have been feeling our way around some new original material in the meantime. The new, more electric savoir faire of Fisheye is starting to bed in, as they say… Here's a little slideshow – per Jason: “It's a sequential story of the rail track mentioned in the song. The opening picture is from 1963, and the cookie cutters are on the right – my house is about level with the steam engine. The track (Great Central Railway) was built in 1897, and decommissioned in 1967. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHenUNniOUY My earliest memory is of a seeing train running along the embankment from my pram parked underneath our kitchen window, and I also remember the lines being pulled up. The derelict shots are as it was when it was my playground.” Oh – there are a few more reviews of Stacked in the Press section, thanks again to Stefan for the translations. Stay cool, y’all The ‘F’ in Fisheye

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