So Spring has sprung and Summer is here… We enjoyed the private shows – including a first for us, a wedding… Though the last gig we played - at the Olde Blind Dog - proved to be a bit of a challenge due to the heavens opening over us on the patio about 25 minutes into the set, which rather put a damper on things – thanks to all who helped rush to get all of our gear undercover. We did revive enough of ourselves & our gear to finish virtually unplugged... …Which was a shame as this might be our last show for a little while. The observant out there may have noticed that our Calendar page is looking rather threadbare, this being due to us being unable to commit to any future dates for the time being whilst the one indispensable & honeycombed chink in the Fisheye chain faces the possibility of having to relocate from the ATL. Fingers crossed. But that’s not to say we’ve been totally idle – work continues (although at a subdued pace) on the next album, now being at the stage of kicking a few more newbies into shape before driving Andy nuts with getting them ground through the ol’ apparatus. S’all y’all for now The ‘F’ in Fisheye

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