Life’s a Pitch

By golly, it looks as though we’ve well and truly sprung into Spring, and that means that things have been pushing out shoots and blooming in Fisheye-land… First up, the new album “Stacked” is now available at iTunes, Amazon & cdbaby – check out the “Buy CDs” page from the website. Our new opus has already had it’s first review (see the “Press” page), which although it’s in Dutch appears to be positive when run through one of those one-line translator whatsits… keep an eye out for the official English translation which shouldn’t be too long in coming. Second, we’re playing our first show of this year this coming Saturday, as we’re the opening entertainment for the Atlanta Silverbacks soccer game that night – check out the Calendar page for details. We’ll have copies of “Stacked” available, and it’s looking like the official release party will be towards the end of June, so come on down and grab a sneaky advance copy… Lastly, we’ve been working on a few new covers which will get their first public airing this coming weekend (how many more reasons do you need to come on down?), and we’ve been honing our electric alter-ego (oh there’s another one!) S’all y’all for now, The ‘F’ in Fisheye

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