Fisheye Becomes Electric

So summer boils on and we’ve been keeping the pot gently simmering on the next album. The first half dozen tracks are pretty much in the bag, and last week saw the first cuts of five more laid down. These will now be tweaked this way & that over the next few weeks as the apparatus is put through its paces. There’s still no firm news on the longevity of Fisheye, but things are looking up a little. The Calendar page is no longer bare – we’ve shows at the end of August at the Grant Park Summer Shade festival (having been promoted to the main stage this year), as well as playing the Suwanee Days festival in September, and later that month returning to the Olde Blind Dog in Alpharetta for hopefully a drier experience than last time. As usual, check out our Calendar page for details or better still sign up for email updates. The band gear acquisition poker game has seen the ante raised yet again: Jason has recently become the proud owner of an electric mandolin, which now means that we have the capacity to do a full electric show in the future (pipe down with those cries of ‘Judas!’, y’all). Here’s the official line on the new beauty:, though Jason’s is a rather lovely ‘fireglo’ red. Our Facebook page has a picture of her debut at a recent practice session, & no doubt the Fisheye Menagerie page will also see a formal portrait before too long. That’s about all for now – hope to see y’all at an upcoming show soon. The ‘F’ in Fisheye

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