EP / LP Yourself

The apparatus sessions have reached their natural conclusion - or at least to the point where we're too nervous about asking Andy to tweak anything more without being loudly barked at and possibly bitten. The net result is that our debut LP - as they used to call them back in the vinyl age (that's the epoch that came just after the Stone Age for all you young 'uns) - is on the verge of being sent out for mastering and duplication. The more observant in Fisheye-land may have noticed that we've a new show listed, as we return to the Redlight Café on October 24th for what we plan to be our official CD release party. In the meantime, a sampler EP will be available as a giveaway at our upcoming appearances at the Vickery's 25th anniversary show and the Grant Park Summer Shade Festival. Get 'em while you can! PS: Thanks to all who came to Kavarna last Saturday - hope y'all had as much fun as we did!

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