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Ah the best laid plans of mice & men... after stating to be determined to write more regularly in the last post, it seems that your old pal 'F' forgot to take his blogging fibre supplement... That said, there's plenty of news to share since the last missive: we had a fab time at the LAS Ball back in February, Fisheye's first 'green room' experience; we returned to Kavarna a few weeks back where Doug debuted his new skins, which few could fail to notice; and we had a rather jolly night at Smiths Olde Bar the other weekend, playing sets on both stages in support of Brian's kids' school. We've also got several shows lined up & are working on plenty more - including another Fisheye first with a potential out of town gig - keep a close eye on the Calendar, which gets updated far more often than blogs get posted, that's for sure. Of course the best way to keep up with all things Fisheye is to sign up for the mailing list from our website home page. Lastly, we've been progressing with our sophomore CD, provisionally titled "A Totally Different Disaster" - though if I say so myself it's shaping up to nicely fail to live up to it's name - and the aim is to have a demo preview CD to give away at our upcoming show at the Redlight Café on May 1st. S'all y'all for now - now let's make sure that I stash these blogging fibre pills someplace I won't forget... The 'F' in Fisheye

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