A Whole Lotta Shakey Goin’ On…

We had a fun Fall: the gig at Grant Park was rather jolly (and thankfully dry this year). There are videos from our stint at the Suwanee Days festival available at our Facebook site - look at our 'Links' page - this has us in our more electrified configuration for those who’ve not experienced the ‘Judas’ Fisheye… Rounding out the season, we had the usual pleasure of playing the Olde Blind Dog in Old Milton - and another blessedly dry night again this time, too. So, aside from a private party by moonlight, that pretty much brings things up to date. The final overdubs on the next CD have been laid down, and now Andy is just tweaking the final tweaks and applying the last of the spit & polish. It’s sounding rather lovely. Other than that, we’ve the annual Fisheye Christmas Spectacularama to fasten in our crosshairs before we shoot it, cook it & serve it up. Suggestions are welcome… Calendar page is rather bare right now, we hope to get out and about again before the end of the year. See y’all soon, The ‘F’ in Fisheye

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