Well, Pluck Me!

Hello everybody from the epicenter of the musical maelstrom known as Fisheye....

At the beginning of this year we set ourselves a challenge: to increase the number of gigs we played in 2016 by 100% in 2017.  And, by Jove, we've done it - we're playing a show at Smith's Olde Bar in Midtown on Sunday, October 1st.  This time we'll be in somewhat of a hybrid acoustic/electric format.  As ever, see the Calendar page for details.

There's also a new beast in the Fisheye instrument corral - suffice to say that we're looking forward to the cries of 'Judas' towards Brian at the gig...

There are also rumblings of <gasp> yet another gig in the Spring, so keep an eye on the website for updates or, even better still, sign up to our mailing list.

S'all y'all for now - see you at Smith's!


The 'F' in Fisheye