1. Drive

From The Recordings Html


Words & music / Andy Robinson
Brian / vocals, bass
Jason / guitar, backing vocals
Andy / guitar, backing vocals
Doug / drums

Hey let’s get out of here go out and grab a beer
I need some understanding in kind
It’s in my mind and I can’t stay here anyway
We ought to head out west ‘cause that’s what we do best
Getting while the getting is good
It’s understood we’re not the same, we’re not to blame

I’m ready to go now, let’s get on the road now
Come on let’s drive, the sun is high
We can make it there by night
We ought to go, you never know what you’ll find out on the road

Heat bends the road ahead, some car’s been left for dead
Haven’t seen a soul for miles
You just smile and watch the clouds blow back again
Roll down the window some, let’s hear the tires hum
Singing like a goddamn choir
This road’s on fire, we tear the path not driven on

We really have to move along, this road is long and true
It’s just another traveling song
Sometimes it just feels good to move

Come on let’s head on home, I need some time alone
The journey has done me good
I’ve understood sometimes it’s just ‘bout traveling