From the recording Johnny Come So Lately


Words & music / Brian Mobley

We've been here most all our lives, longest days and longer nights
Johnny come so lately to the scene
We're jaded and we're tainted, a portrait to be painted
Brush us with your finest shade of green

You got big ideas in mind, it might take a little time
We just gotta give you a chance
You've been trading dialogs
It's been raining cats and dogs
What tricks do you possess to make a treasure of this mess?

Show us how, show us how
We're all so skeptical
Come a day, come a day
You'll write us off as cynical and find a way to let go

Let go all rogues forlorn
You know thy robes are worn
Let go lest faith be torn
You know it's time you finally let go

At least you made it out alive, others failed where others tried
Johnny we're just crazy to the core
We're dirty and we're ravaged, nothing here to salvage
Best you make your way right out the door

You had big ideas in mind, it might take a little time
We never gave you a chance
You been trading dialogs, it's still raining cats and dogs
Really might be best to change the measure of success

Show us how...