From the recording Try A Little Lovin'


Sometimes the hardest things to see
Are standing right in front of you, invisible you look right through
Too busy proving that you’re free
To really know what’s true, turn away it looks right back at you
I know we’ve both been here before
Seen the movie, wrote the book, but I know I just know that look
It’s something you cannot ignore
Even though you close your eyes, it’s getting harder to disguise

So try a little lovin’ baby
Just try a little lovin’ baby
Try a little lovin’ maybe
You will see, you were meant for me

Sometimes the hardest voice to hear
Is singing out with certainty that this was always meant to be
Can’t you hear it loud and clear
Ringing like a bell, running through your every cell
It’s just love not an alarm
So don’t be afraid, it will never ever fade
C’mon baby chance your arm
This ain’t no losers game, I know you feel the same

So try a little lovin’ baby…

It’s a long and laden train
Crossing lights flash in the rain
Count the cars as they pass by
Each one asking why why why you can’t just

So try a little lovin’ baby…

Sometimes the hardest words to say
Are too short to mean anything, so why speak when you can sing
It’s gonna happen anyway
No matter what you do eventually it catches up with you
It can never be outrun
However hard how you try it just won’t say goodbye
And it’s only just begun
Let me show you how, the time is now to…

So try a little lovin’ baby…
You will see