1. The Bridge

From the recording The Bridge


Not what was supposed to happen
Shipping lanes, weather patterns
A lone camera, solitary, mounted on a hill
But each night the sun would fade
We'd recognize a slow parade
A procession of nameless faces marching out to die

Watch them walk, watch them climb
Watch them leap, watch them fall
Leave it all behind on the bridge
See them cry, see them crawl
Watch them fly, watch them all
Take that long last walk down the bridge

Motivation is called to question
Something I forgot to mention
Interviews of family members never knowing why
A city of a thousand pleasures
Desperate souls with desperate measures
Nothing here but contradiction, take it in and cry

Watch them walk...

Maybe I could catch a freighter
See the world, see you later
People say a change could do me good
Memories are quickly faded
Leaving me tired and jaded
A camera, solitary
I can see them still

San Francisco is getting colder
Maybe I'm just that much older
I look around but fail to find the beauty in the birds
California's a destination
People come across the nation
Sycophants & suicides, movie stars & me

Watch them walk...