From the recording Kindly Make Your Way


I'm forever being clever but I never say the right thing
I listen but I'm missing an essential piece of my brain
Yeah I hold on tight, when I ougtha to let go
When something feels right, I can't let if flow
When the bullets rain I put my shield away
I take the pain come what may

But if ever we're together I'll never do the wrong thing
My intention is to mention bells and glorious strings
We'll dance all night 'til the dark turns light
I'll hold you tight make you feel alright
No more pain, I'll keep your tears at bay
Turn driving rain to a sunny day

So kindly make your way down to the stage
I finally found the nerve to say your name
And if I can't see your face and I can't feel your grace
You're too far away

The stars in the sky shine so big and bright
I wish I wish I might
The cars passing by shine their little lights
As they fight the good fight

I'm forever indebted to the better times that we've seen
I've settled for a little peace and sense of routine
Birds in flight, I watch them all the way
It's a beautiful sight on a windy day
Wasn't all in vain, I'm hear to tell you so
It was worth the strain, thought you'd want to know

So kindly make your way…