From the recording Barely Even There


I should be sleeping off my hangover
Instead of letting that old boy get on my nerves
What makes me want to hang around to hear those final sounds
Losers and the clowns close this old joint down

So many times the wool's been pulled over my eyes
One day I'm gonna learn
Til then I might as well be blind
I can't read the signs that lead me out of this place
This barely even one horse town

Where there’s barely even one street light
I can barely stand another night
Much less face the break of day
What's barely there in front of me
Is rarely what I ever need
Someone come and carry me away

Now Bob says my head's not screwed on straight
I disagree but then the hour gets late
I start to thinking maybe he's right, why put up a fight
Close the lid up tight on my thoughts unbound

But my son there's no time to waste
I know you'll find a better fate
'Cause I'm gonna make you a pair of wings
You can sail off on my dreams away from this place
This barely even one horse town

Barely even one mile from the railroad track I'd be gone without a trace
I swore I'd leave and never come back but I lied
Don't know how much longer I can last in this God-forsaken space
If anyone asks tell 'em I tried

Too long have I been this way
Not strong enough when others say
You'll never amount to much of anything
Cause nothing but pain
Too close to the flame and you’re gonna get burned

Were a song I could show you how
But all my words ring hollow now
So I’m going to finally get some sleep
When they bury me deep under this place
In the barely even cold, cold ground

With barely even one street light...