1. Bad Day To Die

From the recording Bad Day To Die


When you were young and I was younger
Never dreamed that I would write a song for you
I am among the few who cannot boast or reminisce
Your famous poster never blessed my bedroom wall
From me no tears would fall but I've got friends
Other grumpy old men who might've drank a beer
Or even shed a tear, flat out cried
If you hadn't picked such a bad day to die

Oh no, Jill Munroe, the King of Pop he stole the show
And made a flop out of your dying day
Oh no, Jill Munroe, make it stop so they can show
Reruns of the angel float away

You can be a circus clown
Never sure what you feel deep down
And that will fit so nicely with the plan
Or you can live with dignity
Facing all life's cruelty
But in the end they won’t give a damn

Overshadowed is an understatement
When one describes the kind of treatment they gave to you
Barely back page news hidden behind all the noise
Glitter gloves and talk of boys when Peter Pan
Became the invisible man, but as for me
I will never see or ever comprehend
The thoughts of other men so I'll cry
'cause you sure picked a bad day to die

Oh no, Jill Munroe…