1. Two Years

From the recording Two Years


Words & music / Andy Robinson
Brian / vocals, bass
Jason / mandolin, backing vocals
Andy / guitar, backing vocals
Doug / drums

Two years down the road and the rain is finally falling
I have never heard it told that the storm will come again
The pain of night unfolds like the sunlight in the morning
We’ll see how it goes, come two years down the road

I know she deserves a love song but her lovers never sing
No they’d rather read the paper as they talk of other things
And she towers over flatlands and her mountains never ring
But she bears it all with patience, then moves on to better things

No I never heard her suffer, no I never heard her cry
And she tolerates the poison as she tolerates the sky
Though her boys are all forgotten as they stand outside their stores
They all want to hear a love song for this old Atlanta whore