From the recording Strawberry Blonde


Words & music / Jason Roberts
Brian / vocals, bass
Jason / acoustic & electric guitar, backing vocals
Andy / guitar, backing vocals
Doug / drums

Last summer I met a strawberry blonde. She went on for hours.
With the mind of a diving swan, satisfied with flowers.
A piece of heaven came today inside of my head and around.
And a ray of sunshine on her hair sends me tumbling down.

And the sound of the train brings back the pain of the tears on her face.
And the wind in her hair as the energy dies in the heat of the chase.

Did seven sisters come this way inside of my head and around?
And you’re never many miles away from insanity town.
An outside light shines on in, inside of my soul and down.
Sense the seventh delight sailing on, sailing on in sound.

At the sight of the sun oh yeah we’d run right out of this place.
And the tears in her eyes as the feeling dies in the heat of the chase.

Just seven minutes of your life that’s all that’s left to care.
And I’ll give all summer’s glory past and a new uniform to wear.
Just take my hand. I’ll still be there, still be there.
Take this gift and let it grow. Let everybody share.

And the look on her face as she packs her case to leave.
And the sound of the train takes me back again to the heat of the chase…