From the recording Nothing You'd Rather Do


Words & music / Brian Mobley
Brian / vocals, guitar
Jason / guitar, backing vocals
Andy / bass, backing vocals
Doug / drums
Jason, Andy, Doug / handclaps

She waits there for me each day, never oh she never strays
Patience is her middle name, patience is the game she plays
She knows I’m just a junkie and she’s the one I need
I’m trapped like a monkey when she smiles at me and says

Take these chains off of my strings and nothing else will matter
We can leave behind all worldly things and sing with the angels
You know you wake up every morning tired of playing the same old game
Simple fact the world is turning is driving you insane
Go on and take these chains off of my strings
You know there’s nothing you’d rather do

She sits there just acting cool, knows that I’m her biggest fool
Tells me I got what it takes, highest bridges, deepest lakes
She’s the devil on my shoulder that brings me to my knees
She knows I want to hold her, so she gives me a little tease and says

I’m off on a big jet plane, can’t wait til I’m home again
One more useless business trip keeps us from our daily tryst
But the memory lingers, thoughts of her persist
Tingling in my fingers reminds me of what I miss