1. Jupiter Jones

From the recording Jupiter Jones


Words & music / Brian Mobley
Brian / vocals, guitar, shakey #1
Jason / guitar, backing vocals, scrapy
Andy / bass, shakey #2

Jupiter Jones combs the sands of Rocky Beach, C-A
Foiling all the plans of Skinny and Hugenay
The eye of a fish, a ship in a raging storm
Peter gets a whiff. Then he’s knocked out with chloroform

Boyhood dreams acted out in scenes with
Stuttering parrots and whispering mummies
Vanishing treasures and laughing shadows
All for the boy at thirteen

Worthington, driver and confidant
Rolls Royce limousine and secrets that haunt
Wearing floral shirts with supernatural swirls
Chasing Mr. Won with his powders and pearls

Bob was the one, slow to get things done
Never on the run or in a rush
While Jupe and old Pete, always taking heat
Out on the street at danger’s brush

Silhouette of the man himself
Crooked cats put up on a shelf
Off the southeast coast sits Skeleton Isle
Didn’t know how close, it’s been quite a while