From the recording Five and Dimer Brown


Words & music / Brian Mobley
Brian / vocals, guitar
Jason / mandolin, backing vocals
Andy / bass, backing vocals
Doug / drums

I gotta make some time to call you old friend
Got your number last summer when I saw the wife and kids
And a phonebook could have told me what I learned that day
It’s not the same

Did you just get tired of the daily grind
Could have called if you needed to unwind
But what could I have told you, you didn’t already know
Guess it was time to go

Hey five and dimer Brown
Sing “And It Stoned Me” and everything will be just like it was before
That’s me knocking at the door singing “Oh the water”

When you loaned me your guitar and showed me chords to play
Did you realize chances are I’d join this cabaret
And they’d hum along while I sang your song, a roundelay

One thing I recall is you love to sleep outside
Snoring with the wind whistling like a friend at night
Yeah the hammock wrapped around you, you sway and sway
Then just drift away

Used to treat me like the little brother you never had
Playing horse and twenty-one out on that parking pad
And it won’t be long before our kids play the games we played
Times have changed

Hey five and dimer Brown
Dressed up like a clown
The world is turned around
So let’s go paint the town and sing “Oh the water”