From the recording Sky Blue Sunday


Words & music / Jason Roberts

She never promised she was coming around
Said I was lost though she'd never been found
All lace and smiles to fill a sunny day
I stood on the steps and watched the children play

Give me a call, please won't you give me a call
Sky blue Sunday it brings me down
Spins me round and around you know you know
It brings me down

Never forget the way she took my hand
Said I looked lonely said she'd understand
She led me upstairs to ease an aching heart
And when I awoke her note tore me apart

Give me a call...

She never said she would drop me a line
She never said she could spare the time
Sky blue Sunday she brings me down
Leave me now don't make a sound

So I sit here lonely in my room
Sometimes I catch a trace of her perfume
What can I do to make her come my way
And put a smile on my Sky blue Sunday

Give me a call...