1. Teach Me

From the recording Teach Me


As I stand here and count your tears I know
I’ve got one last request before you go
Think about the love that we once knew
'cuz we've been down the road a time before
And I won't let it haunt me any more
Just 'cuz it's over, doesn't mean we're through
But there's gotta be something you can do

Teach me something, teach me how to pretend
Look around us, don't deny it's gonna end
’cuz I'm so tired of lovers who can't be friends

We were dancing outside at silver lake
With the moon shining down across your face
Standing there, beneath the beckoning sky
In the distance a slow parade of cars
All their tail lights competing with the stars
Inspiration, or just reflected view
But there's gotta be something we can do

Teach me something…

You made a promise you'd remember me
Every time we said goodbye
You can't photograph a memory
So don't try

Now the pawns are strewn across the board
And the rules have largely been ignored
A transposition, a gambit turned aside
So there's one step ahead to see you later
And there's two steps behind to compromise
Towards a sunset, or a cheap sunrise
But there's gotta be some sort of surprise

Teach me something…