A Totally Averted Disaster

Which is not the title of the album-in-progress, though that subject is being tossed lightly about between the collective Fisheye hand-wringing mullahs that we are… We had a blast playing at the Olde Blind Dog on St. Patrick’s Day, despite being unwittingly monitorless, though it only went ahead with a huge debt of thanks to “Bullet” Eric. It turned out that Jason’s electronic crutch - can you imagine us live without wah-wah mandolin on stereo delay? Yep, that scary – was playing pool back in Midtown, but our stout hero retrieved the miscreant in double-quick time and didn’t get a ticket in the process. We even enjoyed the karaoke… Work still progresses on the next CD. To date there are half a dozen tracks taking shape, with plenty more to toss into the smelting pot. It’s gonna be a good ‘un… Next up: we’re playing a couple of private parties before returning to the ‘Dog on May 14th – as ever, check out the Calendar page for details. S’all y’all for now, The ‘F’ in Fisheye

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