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FisheyeAtlanta: Bio/Videos


Jason Roberts - mandolin, guitar and backing vocals

Brian Mobley - vocals, bass and guitar

Andy Robinson - guitar, bass and backing vocals

Stanley Parker - drums and percussions

Fisheye is greater than the sum of its parts. Brian has a good voice. Jason is talented on both guitar and mandolin. Andy has an ear for harmony. And Stanley keeps a good beat. Stir in the work of three prolific songwriters in Brian, Andy and Jason. Add some practice, luck, and special sauce and there you have the basis of Fisheye.

Jason hails from Nottingham, UK where he was part of a pop-rock band called The Essentials. After moving to Atlanta, GA he hooked up with Brian to form a folk-rock group called The Diamond Geezers. Following several dormant years, Jason and Brian hooked up with Andy and Fisheye was born. Shortly before the band's first birthday, Doug Ward completed the four-piece on drums, then four years and three CD's later the drum sticks were handed over to Stanley.